Five New Outfits

June 30, 2009

Jessica, our associate and internet go-to lady, shows us what she wore to work at the store today and tries on a few looks from the pickings at our Minneapolis store.

Blisland Tunic- $88, Charcoal Leggings- $58

“This is how I came in today. It’s unusually cold and really windy for this time of year, so maybe unconsciously I’ve dressed in darker colors! I get cold easily, so I usually dress in layers. I’m wearing my favorite Mehera Shaw cotton leggings under a black tunic dress that I bought in Japan when I lived there. Over that is our Blisland printed tunic top.”

Shree Phul Jaal Tunic Dress- $89, Cherry Blossom Pink Topstitched Cropped Pants- $88, Silk Chiffon Scarf- $40

“This ensemble was actually one of a few featured in our Spring/Summer collection model shots. It looked so cute on the model that I had to try it on. I love these pants! They remind me of the 1920s. The blouse is so flow-y and comfortable, too. I tied a silk scarf around my waist for a little definition of my figure. One customer called this look “very swashbuckling” and I have to agree!”

Dusty Turquoise Top- $58, Brown Lace Skirt with Ties- $117, Handloomed Raw Silk Scarf- $50

“I really like chocolate brown and light blue together. It’s a really carefree, comfortable look that is put-together but still very relaxed. "

Golden Lotus Tank Top- $68, Black Voile Skirt with Pintuck Detail- $156, Handloomed Silk Colorblock Scarf- $60

“I’ve been dying to try this top on! The “Golden Lotus” print is my favorite at our store. One of our regular customers came in to try on this top and she looked so bright and cheerful that she made me want to try it, too! This actually came out more formal than I had expected, especially with the gorgeous scarf.”

Basil Green Wrap Dress with Printed Belt- $139, Boysenberry Blouse- $68, Indigo Cotton Scarf- $16

“I feel very jet-set in this look, like I’m about to go to Paris or Rome. I wouldn’t had thought to wear the Boysenberry top unbuttoned as a kind of cardigan, but it’s a great idea and adds even more color and sophistication to the outfit.”

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Our styles are meant to give room to breath and move.  We use fine tailoring coupled with a relaxed, comfortable fit.

We use a fit guide for each of our styles to provide more information about the fit that was intended.

Slim Fit: a close fit to the body. Regular Fit: a comfortable, relaxed fit with room around the body. Generous Fit: a very loose fit (such as in our oversized blouses) with lots of room around the body for ease of movement.














XS/ 36

S/ 38


L/ 42





35.5 inches/ 90 cm

37.5 inches/95 cm

39.5 inches/ 100 cm

41.5 inches/ 105 cm

44.5 inches. 113 cm

4cm extra from body


26 inches/ 66 cm

28 inches/ 71 cm

30 inches/ 76 cm

32 inches/ 81 cm

35 inches/ 89 cm



low waist

28 inches/71 cm

30 inches/76 cm

32 inches/ 81 cm

34 inches/ 86 cm

37 inches/ 94 cm




37 inches/ 94 cm

39 inches/ 99 cm

41 inches/ 104 cm

43 inches/ 109 cm

46 inches/ 1

4cm extra from body





Wash Care

We recommend cold water machine wash with a bio detergent and either tumble dry on low heat or line dry in shade for all of our 100% cotton garments.  Cold water wash and low heat drying or line drying in the shade will increase the life of the garment, prolong the vibrancy of the colors and reduce energy use. Shrinkage on all cottons is minimal, approximately 3%.


For our silk and cotton silk garments, we also recommend gentle cycle machine wash cold water or delicate hand washing to increase the life of the garment and reduce the environmental footprint from energy use, detergents and water wastage.


All garments have been washed several times during the printing/dyeing and manufacturing process.