Upcycling Project

Mehera Shaw upcycling project


Our upcycling project is run under the auspices of the Mehera Shaw Foundation Trust (MSFT).  MSFT is a Devisthan Government of India registered non-profit organization located in Jaipur, Rajasthan (founded 2012), whose mission is sustainable artisan development.  This includes projects which focus on livelihood creation and which foster economic and environmental sustainability.



MSFT works specifically with textile artisans in the Jaipur region of India, using a mentoring approach to skills development, market access and improved environmental standards and in order to establish community-based livelihoods. 



Mehera Shaw Foundation works in an integrated and fully transparent manner with Mehera Shaw Textiles Pvt. Ltd., to help people help themselves without discrimination.  Our philosophy is one of emancipation through work, skill building, dignity. 



upcycling project training


The Upcycling Project

is a project for
Women’s Development and
Skills Training
through the Mehera Shaw Foundation.



is the process of converting leftover materials into new materials or products of better quality or for better environmental value.  Even with good environmental and labour standards, garment production historically generates much scrap fabric. 



We make productive use of this scrap through an ongoing upcycling project and artisan skill-building program. 



MSF trains artisans to make both beautiful and marketable, high quality textile products from production leftover scrap fabric.



Fabric is from our own manufacturing scrap and is organic cotton with block and screen prints.




Transparent Relationships


We train women artisans to make fashion accessories and homewares using basic hand stitching techniques and post-production scrap fabric.



We provide the training, raw materials and designs in support of cottage industry development.  The women in the program are from urban slum and rural areas in and around Jaipur. 



The women agree to a price per piece in advance, are given free skills training and once approved, are given the raw materials for use in making the product ordered.  They receive cash payments and sign a voucher for all work completed at the time they complete the work.





Mandali Logo


Mandali Logo
appears on all our upcycled project pieces and signifies the message of upcycling: working together, slow fashion, joining hands in a circle and in a celebration of the cycles of life.  
Mandali in Sanskrit means joining together in a circle.  
Wholesale Ordering
Our line of upcycled products includes fashion accessories, homewares, gift items, stuffed animals, decorations.  If interested in ordering wholesale, please contact shari@meherashaw.com and include your name, company name, registered address, shop location and tax id in your enquiry to receive a catalog, pricing and ordering information.