Environmental Practices

Organic cotton grown in India

Organic Cotton Grown in India


Mehera Shaw adheres to environmentally positive production practices; we use only natural fibers, cotton, wool, and silk.   All of our dyes are AZO free; many of them are completely vegetable based (with no heavy-metal mordants). We also use GOTS certified organic cotton whenever possible. To date, when organic cotton is not available, we use cloth that has not been processed after looming, thus by-passing the addition of chemical additives that are normally present in commercially loomed cotton. Many of our garments are made of “khadi”, which is to say cotton, wool, or silk that has been spun and loomed by hand without the use of electricity. The khadi industry was founded by Mahatma Gandhi with the emphasis on giving Indian villagers a path to self-sufficiency. Mehera Shaw is, and will continue to be, an enthusiastic and appreciative, supporter of the khadi movement.



Our Practices

  • we use GOTS certified cotton whenever possible (approximately 95% of our work with cotton is with certified organic cotton)
  • we use block printed textiles which promotes decentralized production and minimizes our carbon footprint
  • we use handloom textiles (khadi)  in support of decentralized production, India's artisans and minimizing our carbon footprint
  • we use AZO free, low impact dyestuff for solid dyeing and printing
  • we maintain energy efficient manufacturing whenever possible
  • we promote upcycling through our women's development project using post-production scrap fabric

    To learn more about what steps we are taking to minimize our environmental footprint and what sustainability means to us click here.


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