Jessica's Tips for Wearing Mehera Shaw as a 20-Something

June 22, 2009

Many younger women in their late teens and twenties come into our store while waiting for the bus or just taking a stroll around our South Minneapolis neighborhood. They really enjoy looking at our clothing, but sometimes seem to say things like:

“Oh! My mom would really love this store!”
“I should take my grandma here sometime!”
Admittedly, Mehera Shaw clothing is designed to accommodate a wide demographic and array of personal tastes, but it seems that our style can be a bit intimidating at times to younger fashion buyers.
As a 20-something fan of Mehera Shaw (as well as an employee with access to a generous discount), I’m constantly finding new ways to incorporate our clothing into my admittedly casual wardrobe. Part of the fun of my job is seeing peoples’ reactions to how I wear our clothes and inspiring customers of all ages to play around and layer in ways they would not have thought of previously.

I often pair boldly printed tunics with a dark denim pencil skirt or wide-legged black pants, throw on our lightweight cotton leggings under mini dresses and loose blouses, and layer cropped cardigans over printed wrap dresses for a funky but classy retro look. I accessorize our look with sweet headbands and tiny gemstone earrings to add an even more feminine touch.
Mehera Shaw is a very exclusive and upmarket brand, and with that comes the price of our clothing that is often not so easy on the budgets of those just getting started in the professional world. Buying separates, while indeed a good investment, can get quite expensive if one’s fashion budget is stretched thin. My personal solution to this is to buy a dress and layer it; wear a cropped blouse or a button-down shirt over it to create the illusion of a skirt, or wear the dress as-is. You can see how I’ve paired an Ocean Teal cotton blouse with my Golden Lotus printed wrap dress to create this look:
Scarves, which are very, very in right now, are a great way to put a little of our “Spice Chic” into your wardrobe. Starting at only $18, scarves are incredibly versatile pieces that can be dressed up or down and tied, wrapped, and worn many different ways. See how different my casual outfit looks with and without a scarf? Also, try wearing a tunic top or short (or even long) dress worn over skinny denim or leggings- it's always a fashion-forward and youthful look, but it’s also a staple of Indian fashion! This combination looks good on just about everyone and is a unique alternative to top-and-slacks or top-and-skirt pairings.

Mehera Shaw clothing is designed to embody the creativity, expressiveness, and femininity of all women, so experiment and discover your own youthful, colorful looks.

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Our styles are meant to give room to breath and move.  We use fine tailoring coupled with a relaxed, comfortable fit.

We use a fit guide for each of our styles to provide more information about the fit that was intended.

Slim Fit: a close fit to the body. Regular Fit: a comfortable, relaxed fit with room around the body. Generous Fit: a very loose fit (such as in our oversized blouses) with lots of room around the body for ease of movement.














XS/ 36

S/ 38


L/ 42





35.5 inches/ 90 cm

37.5 inches/95 cm

39.5 inches/ 100 cm

41.5 inches/ 105 cm

44.5 inches. 113 cm

4cm extra from body


26 inches/ 66 cm

28 inches/ 71 cm

30 inches/ 76 cm

32 inches/ 81 cm

35 inches/ 89 cm



low waist

28 inches/71 cm

30 inches/76 cm

32 inches/ 81 cm

34 inches/ 86 cm

37 inches/ 94 cm




37 inches/ 94 cm

39 inches/ 99 cm

41 inches/ 104 cm

43 inches/ 109 cm

46 inches/ 1

4cm extra from body





Wash Care

We recommend cold water machine wash with a bio detergent and either tumble dry on low heat or line dry in shade for all of our 100% cotton garments.  Cold water wash and low heat drying or line drying in the shade will increase the life of the garment, prolong the vibrancy of the colors and reduce energy use. Shrinkage on all cottons is minimal, approximately 3%.


For our silk and cotton silk garments, we also recommend gentle cycle machine wash cold water or delicate hand washing to increase the life of the garment and reduce the environmental footprint from energy use, detergents and water wastage.


All garments have been washed several times during the printing/dyeing and manufacturing process.