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Mehera Shaw is an artisanal lifestyle brand.  Inspired by the artisan textiles of India. Styled for conscious, modern living.  We love colour, natural fibers, artisan prints, and above all, working in a positive way for people and the environment!  We design and make everything in-house at our fair trade production studio in Jaipur, India.




Artisan Hand Block Prints
GOTS Certified Organic Cottons
Always Fair Trade


Our Production Studio - Fair Trade and Custom Manufacture 


Mehera Shaw Textiles Pvt. Ltd. is a fair trade manufacturer in India and member of the Fair Trade Federation in the US.  We have created a transparent, vertical supply chain using fair labour standards, sustainable fabrics and artisan printed textiles. We produce all garments in-house.  We specialize in artisan printing (both screen and block printing) from the Jaipur region of North India, natural fiber wovens and detailed stitching.  We regularly incorporate GOTS certified cottons and handloom cotton, wool and silk in support of decentralized, artisan production. See 'Manufacturing' for more information on private label and custom order manufacturing and 'Fair Trade' to learn more about our production team and fair labour standards. 




12 Tips for Collaborating with India's Artisans

November 07, 2015

“Made in India”Tips for fair-trade manufacturing in India BY SUSAN CABA & SHARI KELLER, PH.D. Shari Keller believes the adjective “fair” in the phrase “fair trade” should be redundant. The word “trade,”  she says, means the buying and selling of goods and services. Good faith, integrity and equitable pay for value should be a given on both sides of any transaction. But she is an idealist--not naive. She is well aware that Western-based manufacturers and merchants have historically taken advantage of low wage expectations in developing countries, to keep manufacturing costs low and increase profits on finished goods. She’s an ardent advocate of ending the financial exploitation of those workers. Going further, she aims to preserve and improve their traditional...

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Slow Fashion: The Crucial Factor in Sustainability

October 11, 2015

Slow Fashion - The Significance of ‘Good Design’    We believe good design is about the lasting power of a garment.  It means moving away from trends and thinking of fashion as a commodity, items to be replaced at lightening speed.  It is about moving away from the social pressure to be 'in' and moving toward a human connectedness and desire to ensure that everyone has --enough.  Moving toward an aesthetic which embraces creativity and personal expression while recognizing that moderation in consumption is both a value and an aesthetic. It is about seeing clothing not as a means toward securing popularity, but as a means of telling the human story of the many hands who made it, the human story that...

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