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Mehera Shaw is an artisanal lifestyle brand.  Inspired by the artisan textiles of India. Styled for conscious, modern living.  We love colour, natural fibers, artisan prints, and above all, working in a positive way for people and the environment!  We design and make everything in-house at our fair trade production studio in Jaipur, India.




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Our Production Studio - Fair Trade and Custom Manufacture 


Mehera Shaw Textiles Pvt. Ltd. is a fair trade manufacturer in India and member of the Fair Trade Federation in the US.  We have created a transparent, vertical supply chain using fair labour standards, sustainable fabrics and artisan printed textiles. We produce all garments in-house.  We specialize in artisan printing (both screen and block printing) from the Jaipur region of North India, natural fiber wovens and detailed stitching.  We regularly incorporate GOTS certified cottons and handloom cotton, wool and silk in support of decentralized, artisan production. See 'Manufacturing' for more information on private label and custom order manufacturing and 'Fair Trade' to learn more about our production team and fair labour standards. 

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August 24, 2016

Janmashtami, celebrated this year on the 25th of August, commemorates the Incarnation of the God Vishnu in the human form of a historic personality known as Krishna, one of the ten Hindu “Avatars” of the current great cycle of time. “Avatar” means “descent”, in this case, the descent of  Spirit into physical form.  “Avatar” carries a meaning similar to the term “Christ” (“Annointed”).  In both the Avatar and the Christ the Divine Spirit expresses itself by descending into, or pouring itself upon, human form. Krishna is generally accepted, even by non-Hindus, as a “historic personality”, rather than a purely mythic one, because His name and His kingdom exist in the historic record, and because of a major traumatic event with...

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Conscious Style: What Inspires Us?

August 21, 2016

What inspires our aesthetic?  At Mehera Shaw we talk about a quality called shakti.  In India, where we work and live, shakti refers to what is sometimes called “the feminine principle”.  There is no God in India who does not have a corresponding Goddess, his shakti.  Without his Goddess, he would be helpless, because in Indian thought, it is the feminine principle that moves.  Without that movement, the masculine principle would remain detached from creation. Some of you, who are up on your Hindu mythology, will object at this point, “What about the dance of Shiva?  That famous image?  He’s dancing the dance of creation.  He’s moving, because he’s dancing.”  To which a Hindu sage would point out, “Yes, but...

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