Our Story


Mark and Shari Keller are the founders and owners of Mehera Shaw (both the brand and the private limited company), but our Jaipur staff are the heart of our story. Together with our Jaipur team, we've built up our company one day at a time.
We started the Mehera Shaw brand in 1999 motivated by a desire to work with the artisan textiles in Jaipur, India and to develop high-quality design which could transition well across cultures.  Our deeper motivation has always been, quite simply, a love of working in India and a belief in Mahatma Gandhi's ideals for humanity.



We founded our fair trade, private limited production company in 2007 with a commitment to fair labour standards and improved environmental practices.



"We started out motivated by our love of India, its artisan crafts and wanting the freedom to have our own business.  We felt intuitively the importance of treating people with respect and dignity as a fundamental part of our own humanity.  We also felt we wanted to use natural fibers, artisan textiles and have a high quality standard.  We have always been deeply inspired by Gandhi's philosophy and life and feel motivated to do things in the best way possible.  Gradually we realized there was a world of people who had a similar vision and so we engaged with terms like 'fair trade', 'ethical', 'sustainable' as a means of connecting to others who share our belief in fundamental human and environmental values.   Underlying the language of sustainable fashion and manufacture, are good business practices.  These practices are the road to sustainability and the only thing that makes sense.  I like the term 'sustainable' the best because it also speaks to something which is at the very core of being human.  We must sustain ourselves and our environment if we and our children are to endure.  We are all here in this together so we must practice being kind, respectful, sincere, doing things well and making things that will last." --Shari



Our Staff Includes

Together with our staff we are a small company made up of our management staff listed below, our tailoring masters, thread clippers, quality checkers, artisan printers and artisans who work doing hand work.  We work on each and every project as a team.




Shari is the designer for our brand and Creative Director.  She is a self-taught designer with more than a decade of experience working on behalf of fair labour standards, artisan development and high quality production, including wovens, couture stitching techniques, artisan textiles. She has extensive experience liaising between Indian manufacture and western markets, ensuring product quality, supply chain reliability, providing skills training for workers, maintaining fair trade standards of business and transparent communication, implementing ecological standards of production, artisan textile production, and garment design.   On the education side, Shari holds a Ph.D. in Anthropology from UT Austin (2000) with an area focus on artisan development in India. On the heart side, which is where everything starts and lives, Shari has a life-long, family connection to India. 



Mark is our Director of Operations and has 30 + years of experience working in India.  Originally a theater director in a previous life, he has since been a jeweler working in silver and semi precious stones in the Jaipur area, he has also long been a collector of artisan textiles from various parts of India before starting Mehera Shaw.



Madanlal Bunkar is our Director of Production, pattern master and has extensive knowledge of all aspects of garment manufacture, wovens and artisan printing. Madan is a founding member of Mehera Shaw.



Ramu Laddet is our cutting master and is also a founding member of Mehera Shaw.



Ashok Pareek is in charge of all our accounts, is a Chartered Accountant and is our front office point person.



Ghanshyam Ji - Artisan block printing Master Ji at our Sanganer unit.



Nandalal Ji - Artisan block printing Master Ji in Bagru.



Arvind Ji - Dyeing Master Ji at our Sanganer unit.



Meena Ji - our quality control leader.