Our Vision - Our Process


A People-Centered Approach


Mehera Shaw’s belief is in a cradle-to-cradle approach to fashion.  We are working toward becoming more sustainable throughout the life-cycle of a garment: from the fabric we source, the labour standards used, minimizing waste in pattern layouts, developing upcycled products from post-production scarp fabric, to the choices our end customers make (who ultimately are also integrally involved in the supply chain).




Our vision is born of a belief in
human dignity
people helping people
a market need for a
well-designed, wearable, affordable and eco-conscious lifestyle brand.


We believe sustainable fashion is only sustainable through quality design,
which wears well over time and reflects the story of its production.
  • We use low-impact fabrics such as handloom wool, ahimsa silk, certified organic cottons, artisan textiles, and upcycled textiles in every collection.
  • We use only fair labour garment production and actively look for partnering with artisan textile projects supporting innovative development in upcycling, and micro social enterprise.  
  • We also seek to educate our customers about recycling, mending, wash care for longer garment life and consuming less.  



Our vision is that everyone participates in the supply chain by their choices;
we all share in the project of making clothing more sustainable.



"We believe that good design can and does go hand-in-hand with beautifully made, hand-crafted textiles, that sustainability, small-scale artisan production and good design are a good fit and the way of the future. We see it as a continuous cycle--on the production end, we believe in the fair trade model of people being able to help themselves and their success coming from themselves. The role of artisans and of everyone in the supply chain is important.  Everyone has a voice and a significance. I would also call this slow fashion --meaning, for me, that there is a story behind the production. It is a dialogue across cultures and brings people together through art, craft and understanding." —Shari


Environmental Practices

Mehera Shaw adheres to environmentally positive production practices; we use only natural fibers, cotton, wool, and silk.   All of our dyes are AZO free; many of them are completely vegetable based (with no heavy-metal mordants). We also use GOTS certified organic cotton whenever possible. To date, when organic cotton is not available, we use cloth that has not been processed after looming, thus by-passing the addition of chemical additives that are normally present in commercially loomed cotton. Many of our garments are made of “khadi”, which is to say cotton, wool, or silk that has been spun and loomed by hand without the use of electricity. The khadi industry was founded by Mahatma Gandhi with the emphasis on giving Indian villagers a path to self-sufficiency. Mehera Shaw is, and will continue to be, an enthusiastic and appreciative, supporter of the khadi movement.
To learn more about what sustainability means to us click here.

Integrated Working

The three facets of Mehera Shaw (brand, production foundation) are fully integrated to create a transparent and vertical supply chain using: fair labour standards as well as sustainable fabrics and artisan textiles on the production side; excellence in design and quality of production within the brand, and; artisan upcycling programs within the foundation projects to create a unique cradle-to-cradle solution for sustainable fashion. Mehera Shaw’s commitment to both sustainability and design within a fully integrated business platform allows us to work in a more organically connected way with our entire team.